Applied Physics A

, Volume 49, Issue 5, pp 449–458 | Cite as

Magnetic properties of thin epitaxial films investigated by spin-polarized photoemission

  • M. Stampanoni


The surface sensitivity of the spin-polarized photoemission experiment was exploited to study two-dimensional magnetism. The magnetization of thin films of Fe, Co, and V in the monolayer (ML) range, grown on Cu(001) and Ag(001) single crystals, was measured as a function of perpendicularly applied field and temperature. Bcc Fe films and fcc Fe and Co films exhibit ferromagnetism down to the single monolayer range, while no evidence for ferromagnetism is found for V on Ag(001). All Co films are magnetized in plane and have a Curie temperature far above room temperature. A thickness dependence of the anisotropy and Curie temperature is observed for the two phases of Fe. Remanent magnetization perpendicular to the surface is found at 30 K for fcc Fe films thicker than 2 ML and for bcc Fe between 3 and 4 ML. The magnetic effects caused by coating and by interdiffusion are discussed in the light of measurements of Cu/Fe/Cu sandwiches and of overlayers obtained by simultaneous evaporation of Fe and Cu. The fcc Fe films are shown to be suitable for thermomagnetic writing.


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  • M. Stampanoni
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  1. 1.Laboratorium für FestkörperphysikETH-HönggerbergZürichSwitzerland

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