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Determination of the losses induced by irreversible barkhausen jumps of the 180° domain wall moving with a sinusoidal motion in the single domain wall model

  • A. Roman
Solids and Materials


The paper presents an analysis of the losses due to irreversible Barkhausen jump of the 180° Bloch wall in the single-domain wall model. The field-intensity and current-density vectors at unit input were determined for a single instantaneous jump. The losses were calculated for the case of the wall moving sinusoidally. The Parseval formula was used at determining the losses, which made it possible to perform calculations. A similar problem was considered by Allia and Vinai who adopted a simplified assumption of the domain of an infinitely long cylindrical shape.


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  • A. Roman
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  1. 1.Department of Electrical EngineeringPolytechnic of CzcestochowaCzcestochowaPoland

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