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CT-guided biopsy of adrenal masses in preoperative management of bronchogenic carcinoma

  • Yann Robert
  • Alain Wurtz
  • Sophie Taieb
  • Laurent Lemaitre
Original Articles Interventional Radiology


Discovery of an adrenal mass in a patient with a bronchogenic carcinoma requires assessment of the histological type in order to choose the best treatment. Over the past 6 years unilateral (n -23) or bilateral (n-6) adrenal masses were discovered using computed tomography (CT) in 29 patients during staging of bronchogenic carcinoma. CT-guided biopsy was performed in all eases and diagnosed metastases in 14 patients and benign adenomas in 12, as well as 3 false-negative results (89 % accucaracy). Minor complications occurred in 3 cases. Metastases were more frequent from adenocarcinoma (10 of 11) than from squamous-cell carcinoma (4 of 12) and undifferentiated carcinoma (3 of 6). CT-guided biopsy is a fairly reliable method to distinguish metastases from benign adenomas.

Key words

Adrenal gland biopsy Adrenal gland metastases Adrenal gland computed tomography Bronchogenic carcinoma 


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  • Yann Robert
    • 1
  • Alain Wurtz
    • 2
  • Sophie Taieb
    • 1
  • Laurent Lemaitre
    • 1
  1. 1.Service de radiologie ouestHôpital Claude Huriez, CHU LilleLille CedexFrance
  2. 2.Service de chirurgie adulte ouestHôpital Claude Huriez, CHU LilleLille CedexFrance

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