Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 26, Issue 5, pp 512–518 | Cite as

Lipids of the fruit of Rumax paulsenianus

  • S. D. Gusakova
  • T. V. Khomova
  • A. I. Glushenkova


The lipids of the fruit ofRumex paulsenianus have been investigated. The lipid content of the seeds was 7.8% and of the perianths 0.58%. Of the 18 classes of lipids detected, 16, including anthraquinone pigments, were identified by CC and TLC and by UV and IR spectroscopies and mass spectrometry. The low-molecular-mass triacylgly-cerols dimyristoylacetin, dimyristoylcaproin, myristoylcaproylacetin, and hydroxylipids have been detected in the fruit of plants of the Polygonaceae family for the first time.


Anthraquinone Fatty Alcohol Sterol Ester Reserve Lipid Chrysophanol 


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  • S. D. Gusakova
  • T. V. Khomova
  • A. I. Glushenkova

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