Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Structure of ergolide

  • A. Ovezdurdyev
  • N. D. Abdullaev
  • Sh. Z. Kasymov
  • B. Akyev


The epigeal part ofErigeron khorassanicus Boiss. has yielded a new sesquiterpene lactone of the pseudoguaiane type — ergolide C17H22O5, mp 179–180°C (ethanol) [α] D 20 +123° (c 4.88; ethanol). On the basis of chemical transformations and spectral characteristics, its structure and configuration have been established as 6-acetoxy-4-oxo-1,7αH,6,8,10βH-pseudoguai-11(13)-en-8,12-olide.


Lactone Sesquiterpene Lactone Epigeal Part Cycloheptane Revealing Agent 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. Ovezdurdyev
  • N. D. Abdullaev
  • Sh. Z. Kasymov
  • B. Akyev

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