Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 22, Issue 6, pp 657–661 | Cite as

Hydrogen bonds of 5α-cholestanols and their ethers

  • D. V. Ioffe
  • L. F. Strelkova
  • I. M. Ginzburg


It has been shown by IR spectroscopy that the equatorial oxygen atoms of cholestanol and its methyl ether possess a greater capacity for forming H bonds as proton acceptors than the axial atoms of the corresponding epimeric compounds. The constants of the equilibrium phenol + ether ⇄ H-complex (1:1) in CCl4 at room temperature are 13 and 7 liter/mole, respectively, for the methyl esters of cholestanol and of epicholestanol.


Methyl Ether Diosgenin Cholestanol Steroid Glycoside Tigogenin 


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  • D. V. Ioffe
  • L. F. Strelkova
  • I. M. Ginzburg

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