Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp 109–112 | Cite as

Quantitative determination of nucleic acids in salmonidae milt by various methods

  • V. A. Karklinya
  • I. A. Birska
  • Yu. A. Limarenko


Procedures for the determination of total nucleic acids from ultraviolet absorption and for the separate determination of DNA and RNA by means of color reactions using the same tissue extracts have been developed. The results of the total and separate determination of the nucleic acids and the analysis of milts preserved by various methods are given. The discrepancies between the total amount of nucleic acids determined by the color reactions and by ultraviolet absorption do not exceed ±1.9%.


Organic Chemistry Nucleic Acid Quantitative Determination Tissue Extract Color Reaction 
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  • V. A. Karklinya
  • I. A. Birska
  • Yu. A. Limarenko

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