Untersuchungen über das Reizleitungssystem des Herzens in einem gerichtsmedizinischen Obduktionsgut

  • Jørgen Voigt


Sudden, unexpected deaths with negative autopsy findings and negative supplementary examinations are in all probability due to heart failure. Through systematical examinations of the conducting system of the heart in a number of these cases the author has examined whether a morphological explanation of the deaths might be found in these structures. A report is given of 3 cases in which changes in the conduction system are regarded as pathological and are supposed to be the provoking cause of sudden heart failure.

It should be emphasized that the connection between the anatomical changes and the pathophysiological conditions is difficult to prove and that both normal-anatomical variations and changes due to age must be taken into consideration, so that a quite safe evaluation of the examination findings requires comprehensive experience.


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  • Jørgen Voigt
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  1. 1.Institut für Gerichtliche Medizin der Universität KopenhagenDänemark

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