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Responses of the cerebellar fastigial neurones to tilt

  • B. Ghelarducci


The activity of units located in the rostral portion of the fastigial nucleus has been recorded in decerebrate, unanaesthetized cats in response to tilt. The responses consisted of steady variation of the discharge rates when the animal was tilted in the median plane. The majority of the units exhibited a frequency increase on ipsilateral tilt and a frequency decrease on contralateral tilt. Some units displayed an opposite type of response, while some others responded with a frequency increase on tilt in both directions. It was possible to establish a relationship between the amount of the response and the degree of tilt. Some units exhibited a dynamic response during the movement of the tilt table and the amount of this dynamic response was related to the velocity of the movement. It was not possible to demonstrate a convergence of macular input on these dynamic units. The responses did not depend on proprioceptive feed-back since they persisted after deep curarization of the animal. Since the rostro-fastigial neurones project on the dorsal ipsilateral Deiters' nucleus the existence of a cerebellar fastigial loop through which macular information may reach Deiters' nucleus has been postulated. This loop may be of relevance in the cerebellar and vestibular control of postural activities.

Key words

Natural Stimulation of Macular Receptors Fastigial Nucleus Postural Control Decerebrate Cat 


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  • B. Ghelarducci
    • 1
  1. 1.Istituto di Fisiologia Umana, Cattedra IIUniversità di PisaItaly

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