Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Enzymatic oxidation of lignin and compounds modeling it. II. A study of the peroxidase oxidation of model compounds of the structural unit of lignin by the chemiluminescence method

  • V. A. Strel'skii
  • É. I. Chupka


An investigation of the radical mechanism of the peroxidase oxidation of monomeric phenols (vanillin, vanillyl alcohol, isoeugenol, and α-quaiacylpropanone) has been made by the chemiluminescence method. It has been established that chemiluminescence is observed in those compounds that contain hydroxy or carbonyl groups on a carbon atom in the α position or have a C=C bond in the β position conjugated with the aromatic ring. The hypothesis has been put forward that peroxide compounds are inhibitors of autocatalytic processes in the oxidation of lignin in the presence of peroxidase.


Ferulic Acid Vanillin Guaiacol Eugenol Enzymatic Oxidation 


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  • V. A. Strel'skii
  • É. I. Chupka

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