Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 21, Issue 5, pp 626–629 | Cite as

Structure of synaptogenin B — An artefactual aglycone of glycosides from the holothurianSynapta maculata

  • T. A. Kuznetsova
  • N. I. Kalinovskaya
  • A. I. Kalinovskii
  • G. B. Elyakov


The structure of the previously unknown synaptogenin B, the main product of the acid hydrolysis of the triterpene oligosides synaptosides S-2 and S-3 from the holothurianSynapta maculata has been established. To prove the structure, diketones were obtained from synaptogenin B and the known stichopogenin, and their identity was shown on the basis of1H NMR and mass spectra. Synaptogenin B is a 3β-hydroxyholost-9(11)-en-23-one. It has been shown that holost-9(11)-en-3β-o1 is formed as minor component in the acid hydrolysis of the synaptosides.


Glycoside Acid Hydrolysis Oleanolic Acid Triterpene Glycoside Pacific Ocean Institute 


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  • T. A. Kuznetsova
  • N. I. Kalinovskaya
  • A. I. Kalinovskii
  • G. B. Elyakov

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