Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 286–287 | Cite as

Expenditure of heat energy in drying viscose textile yarns

  • L. S. Gulyaev
  • I. N. Andreeva
  • E. A. Mal'vinov
Chemistry And Technology Of Man-Made Fibers


It has been found that the thermogravimetric analysis method is applicable for determining the expenditure of thermal energy in desorbing moisture from hydrocellulose textile fibres; it gives a quantitative evaluation of the fractional composition of the water sorbed by the yarns and of its bonding energy with the yarn matrix.

The change in consumption of heat energy at various extents of drying of freshly-spun viscose textile yarns has been studied.

It has been found that extensive drying of yarns, to a moisture content significantly lower than the conditioned values, that is, overdrying, requires elevated, unjustified expenditures of heat energy.


Polymer Thermogravimetric Analysis Thermal Energy Sorb Quantitative Evaluation 
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  • L. S. Gulyaev
  • I. N. Andreeva
  • E. A. Mal'vinov

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