Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 266–270 | Cite as

Some peculiarities of the copolymer precipitation in spinning a strongly-acid chemisorptive fibre

  • L. A. Volkov
  • N. N. Zakharova
Chemistry And Technology Of Man-Made Fibers


The existence of polyelectrolyte swelling (self-elongation of the fibre on change of medium) has been established in strongly acid undrawn gel-fibre.

It has been shown that cementing of the strongly-acid fibre after drying, when the fibre has been wet-spun into aqueous-organic baths, is caused by the presence of solvent which is strongly retained on the fibre.

A possible mechanism for the retention of solvent by the strongly-acid gel-fibre has been advanced.


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  • L. A. Volkov
  • N. N. Zakharova

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