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Complete periodical geological time table

  • Květ Radan 


The proposal for a new complete classification of the Earth's evolution in accordance with periods of geotectonic cycles — depending on the external cosmic influence of the galactic year — has been elaborated as an additional application of a system model. Its basic idea is the principle of a hierarchical division and recurring cycles. For the time being, the significance of a periodical time table is a theoretical one. It allows a new view to be used when evaluating the last stages of the Earth's history during the Phanerozoic for which comparatively more geological information is available. However, a universal approach like the one described above can aid in directing further research on the older history of the Earth. Later on, theoretical knowledge could be applied to economic geology, above all if using a hierarchical classification of the phases of geotectonic cycles.


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  • Květ Radan 
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  1. 1.Czechoslovak Academy of SciencesInstitute of GeographyBrnoCzechoslovakia

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