Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 19, Issue 5, pp 569–572 | Cite as

Influence of transformed steroids on Na+,K+-dependent ATPase. II

  • A. V. Kamernitskii
  • I. G. Reshetova
  • N. M. Mirsalikhova


The relationship of the structures of a number of transformed steroids containing an open or closed 20-oxo-21a,17-tetrahydrofuran ring E and 23-oic acid derivatives with their Na+,K+-ATPase inhibiting activity has been studied. It has been found that steroids with branched side chains are more active than steroids with additional tetrahydropyran-4- and -2-one rings E. The most active in this series of 20-ketosteroids are those containing such polar groupings as diketone and epoxyethyl groupings. Steroids with a spirotetrahydrofuran ring at C(17) exhibit an activity greater than their pyranoside analogs.


Oxime Cardenolides Porcine Kidney Butenolide Tetrahydropyran 


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  • A. V. Kamernitskii
  • I. G. Reshetova
  • N. M. Mirsalikhova

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