Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 487–489 | Cite as

Features of the initial stages of the oxidation of lignin by hydrogen peroxide

  • V. N. Gvozdev
  • É. I. Chupka


The kinetics of the initial stages of the oxidation of lignin and of several model compounds have been studied by the stopped-jet method. It has been shown that in the initial stage an intermediate compound is formed with an absorption spectrum close to that of phenoxyl radicals and with a lifetime of 0.013 sec. The high reactivity of the intermediate products leads to a branching of the oxidation process.


Ferulic Acid Intermediate Product Methacrylic Acid Phenoxyl Lignin Concentration 


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  • V. N. Gvozdev
  • É. I. Chupka

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