Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 447–450 | Cite as

Quantitative determination of celanide by high-performance liquid chromatography

  • D. M. Popov
  • N. N. Nikolaev
  • V. A. Semenov


Methods have been developed for the quantitative determination of celanide [lanatoside C] in substances, in solutions for injection, and in tablets by high-performance liquid chromatography, with the aid of which it is possible to determine small amounts of celanide (0.025 mg/ml) with adequate accuracy. The relative error of the determination does not exceed ±4.0%.


Nitrobenzene Adequate Accuracy Measuring Flask Accurate Weight Nitrobenzene Solution 


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  • D. M. Popov
  • N. N. Nikolaev
  • V. A. Semenov

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