Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 411–413 | Cite as

Transesterification of mixtures of triglycerides in the presence of cotton-plant lipase

  • Z. Kh. Kadyrova
  • S. A. Abdurakhimov
  • K. K. Khalniyazov


The transesterification of mixtures of cottonseed oil with beef fat in the presence of cotton plant lipase immobilized on a solid support has been studied. A regime for the transesterification of the triglycerides permitting transesterificates suitable for the production of margarine and bakers' and confectioners' articles have been found.


Lipase Triglyceride Coumarin Transesterification Process Fatty Acid Radical 


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  • Z. Kh. Kadyrova
  • S. A. Abdurakhimov
  • K. K. Khalniyazov

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