Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Glycosylation of cardenolides. VIII. Structures of the by-products of the synthesis by the orthoester method of strophanthidol rhamnosides

  • N. Sh. Pal'yants
  • N. K. Abubakirov


The by-products formed in the preparation of strophanthiodol 19-rhamnoside and 3, 19-bisrhamnoside by the orthoester method are 3β,5-dihydroxy-8,19-epoxy-5β,14β, 17α-card-20(22)-enolide and its 3-α-L-rhamnoside. 3β,5-Dihydroxy-8,19-epoxy-5β, 14α,17β-card-20(22)-enolide has been obtained by the action of a solution of HBr in nitromethane on strophanthidol.


Nitromethane Spin Coupling Constant Butenolide HgBr2 Optical Rotatory Dispersion 


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  • N. Sh. Pal'yants
  • N. K. Abubakirov

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