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, Volume 36, Issue 2, pp 121–124 | Cite as

Influence of cold rolling on the anisotropy of the shear modulus and the poisson coefficient of polycrystalline copper and silicon steel

  • V. V. Usov
  • A. A. Bryukhanov
  • N. M. Shkatulyak
  • A. V. Manzhikov
Solid State Physics


We consider a method for calculating the anisotropy of the shear modulus and the Poisson coefficient in the rolling plane for textured polycrystalline materials with a cubic lattice, which makes use of the integrated texture characteristics for averaging over the single-crystal properties, which are a certain combination of direction cosines in the sample coordinates, averaged with respect to orientation. The integrated texture characteristics are determined from two experimentally opposite polar figures of the plates. We study the influence of the amount of deformation during cold rolling on the anisotropy of the plate properties listed above for copper and silicon steel. The accuracy in the calculations is better than 5%. The results are compared with data from other authors.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • V. V. Usov
  • A. A. Bryukhanov
  • N. M. Shkatulyak
  • A. V. Manzhikov

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