Effect of water vapor and nitrogen oxides upon the ozone layer


A theoretical meridional model of the O3 layer is presented. Two-dimensional transport by eddies and mean motion is considered together with photochemical reactions involving O, N, and H. The model is used to evaluate the effect of increased contents of H2O and NOx in the stratosphere. It is found that a doubling of stratospheric humidity will reduce the total amount of O3 by less than 1 %, while a doubling of NOx will result in an 18 % reduction for middle latitudes and summer. A 10 % increase in NOx will reduce the total O3 by about 2.8%. The relations between UV radiation and total O3 are described, in particular, for wavelengths of biological interest (290 to 320 nm). A 1% decrease in total O3 will result in a 2 % increase in erythemogenic UV radiation.

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  • Oxide
  • Nitrogen
  • Radiation
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