Hydrogen profile analysis in a-C:H films by elastic recoil detection (ERD)

  • K. Schmidt
  • K. Reichelt
  • B. Stritzker
  • J. Zou


The measurement of hydrogen profiles in diamond-like carbon films (a-C∶H) by elastic recoil detection (ERD) and the decrease of the H content after irradiation with Ni ions are described.


Hydrogen Physical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Profile Analysis 
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Wasserstoffprofilanalyse in a-C:H-Filmen durch elastische Rückstoß-Detektion (ERD)


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© Springer-Verlag 1989

Authors and Affiliations

  • K. Schmidt
    • 1
  • K. Reichelt
    • 1
  • B. Stritzker
    • 1
  • J. Zou
    • 1
  1. 1.Institut für Schicht- und IonentechnikKernforschungsanlage Jülich GmbHJülichFederal Republic of Germany

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