Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp 409–412 | Cite as

Some characteristics of the alkali-soluble protein from the red alga Furcellaria fastigiata

  • S. V. Krasil'nikova
  • E. I. Medvedeva


From the red agar-bearing alga furcellaria we have isolated an alkali-soluble protein. Its aminoacid composition and N-terminal acid — arginine — have been determined. It has been shown to belong to the group of glycoproteins. One of the possible types of carbohydrate — protein bonds is a O-glycosidic bond.


Alkaline Hydrolysis Acidic Amino Acid Sodium Tetrahydroborate British Drug House Amino Acid Amount 


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  • S. V. Krasil'nikova
  • E. I. Medvedeva

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