Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Phospholipids ofPhaseolus aureus. I

  • R. R. Akbarov
  • Kh. S. Mukhamedova
  • S. T. Akramov


The phospholipid complex of the seeds of the mung bean of variety Pobeda-104 has been investigated. It was found that the amount of phosphatidylethanolamines was greater than that of the phosphatidylinositols.

The fractional and fatty-acid compositions of the total phospholipids were determined. It was established that the 21:0 acid was localized completely in the N-acyl-phosphatidyl-ethanolamine fraction, and this exclusively in the amide-bound form.

On the basis of the results of analysis of the fatty-acid composition and the NMR spectrum, the structure of 2-acyl-glycerophosphoryl-N-acyl-ethanolamines is proposed for the N-acyl-lysophosphatidylethanolamines.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • R. R. Akbarov
  • Kh. S. Mukhamedova
  • S. T. Akramov

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