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High-dose VP-16 with intermediate-dose cytosine arabinoside in the treatment of relapsed acute nonlymphocytic leukemia

  • Hon Y. Chan
  • Frederick J. Meyers
  • Jerry P. Lewis
Short Communication VP-16, Cytosine Arabinoside, Nonlymphocytic Leukaemia


In a study of 11 adult patients with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia (ANLL), infusion therapy with high-dose VP-16 and intermediate-dose cytosine arabinoside was administered. Response was assessed with reference to bone marrow aspirations performed on days 1; 12, 13, or 14; and 21 of treatment. All 7 of the patients with ANLL in relapse achieved marrow hypoplasia, and 3 of them achieved complete response. LFTs were elevated in most patients but no evidence of hepatocellular necrosis was observed. It is concluded that the value of VP-16 in ANLL may have been underestimated in the past because of inadequate dosing.


Bone Marrow Leukemia Cancer Research Adult Patient Cytosine 



acute nonlymphocytic leukemia


chronic granulocytic leukemia






Ara-C, intermediate-dose Ara-C (500 mg/m2 for 12 doses)


Ara-C, high-dose Ara-C (3 g/m2 for 12 doses)


serum glutamic transaminase


lactic dehydrogenase


serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Hon Y. Chan
    • 1
  • Frederick J. Meyers
    • 1
  • Jerry P. Lewis
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology and OncologyUniversity of California, Davis Medical CenterSacramentoUSA

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