Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp 10–12 | Cite as

The structure of the water-soluble arabinoxylan of wheat endosperm

  • M. S. Dudkin
  • D. V. Sorochan
  • G. F. Kozlov


The endosperm of Odesskaya-51 wheat contains a water-soluble arabinoxylan. Its main chain is constructed ofβ-D-xylopyranose units linked byβ-(1→4) bonds. The side chains contain L-arabinofuranose residues attached to the main D-xylose chain at the second and third carbon atoms of the xylose units. The ratio of xylose to arabinose is 2:1.


Xylose Sour Cherry Amylolytic Enzyme Sulfinyl Sodium Tetrahydroborate 


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  • M. S. Dudkin
  • D. V. Sorochan
  • G. F. Kozlov

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