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Effects of centrifugation on living oocytes from adult Japanese quails

  • Marc Callebaut


After centrifugation of adult quail oocytes, RNA-containing structures move in a centrifugal direction. By a moderate-speed centrifugation of quail oocytes at the end of the lampbrush or beginning postlampbrush chromosome stage, one can demonstrate that the germinal vesicle has a lower density than the surrounding ooplams. This indicates that the formation of the post-lampbrush stage and accompanying development of the germinal disc is codetermired by a gravitational (epigenetic) phenomenon. With increase in diameter of the oocyte, the cohesion between its cytoplasmic constituents progressively diminishes. The localization of the RNA-rich basophilic cortical layer after centrifugation can be followed accordingly as the oocyte grows: from a cap at the centrifugal pole in late lampbrush stage, it is progressively pushed centripetally by the peripherally formed heavy yolk that accumulates centrifugally during the postlampbrush stage.

Key words

Oogenesis Centrifugation Japanese quail 


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  • Marc Callebaut
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratory of Anatomy and Embryology (Director: Prof. Dr. L. Vakaet)R.U.C.A.Antwerpen(Belgium)

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