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Of rabbit and man: Comparative gene mapping

  • Joëlle Soulie
  • J. de Grouchy
Original Investigations


Nineteen cell hybrids were obtained by fusing rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus, OCU) fibroblasts and a Chinese hamster cell line HGPRT. Eleven enzymatic markers were investigated for cosegregation analysis. Seven could be assigned to OCU chromosomes: LDHA to OCU1; LDHB and TPI to OCU4; PEPB, NP, and ITP to OCU16; and G6PD to OCUX. Two assignments were considered possible: MDH2 to OCU15, and GUK to OCU3 or 15. Two could not be assigned: MDH1 and PGD. These results are consistent with the OCU-HSA chromosome homocologies previously reported, except for PEPB.


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  • Joëlle Soulie
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  • J. de Grouchy
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