Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 13, Issue 5, pp 572–574 | Cite as

Metabolites of the pathogenic fungus Verticillium dahliae VII. The phytotoxic pigment PKZh-1 from the culture liquid

  • L. N. Ten
  • O. S. Otroshchenko
  • N. N. Stepanichenko
  • D. A. Inoyatova


The phytotoxic pigment PKZh-1 that causes the characteristic symptoms of wilt in tests on cotton-plant shoots in a concentration of 100–150 µg/ml, has been isolated from the culture liquid of the fungusVerticillium dahliae Kleb.

On the basis of qualitative reaction, spectral characteristics, and a study of hydrolysis products, PKZh-1 has been assigned to the peptide group. A red substance identified as 3,6,8-trihydroxy-1,4-naphthaquinone has been isolated from an acid hydrolyzate of PKZh-1.


Culture Liquid Glycopeptide Cotton Plant Caustic Soda Peptide Group 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • L. N. Ten
  • O. S. Otroshchenko
  • N. N. Stepanichenko
  • D. A. Inoyatova

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