Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Conformational properties of the 2′- and 3′-hydroxy groups of 5′-O-trityluridine

  • É. L. Kupche


The results of a study of the temperature dependence of the SSCCs of the hydroxyl protons in the PMR spectra of 5′-O-trityluridine indicate the existence of an intramolecular bond between the 2-keto oxygen of the base and the 2′-hydroxyl in deuterochloroform. Under these conditions, stabilization of the 3′-endo (N) conformation of the ribose ring is observed. The existence of the influence of the temperature on the population of the 3′-hydroxyl rotamers shows the formation of a hydrogen bond between OH-3′ and O-2′. In polar solvents free rotation of the hydroxy groups is observed.


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  • É. L. Kupche

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