Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 11, Issue 6, pp 752–756 | Cite as

The structure of vulgarol — A new diterpenoid from Marrubium vulgare

  • D. P. Popa
  • G. S. Pasechnik


The structure and stereochemistry of a new minor diterpenoid, vulgarol, isolated from the plantMarrubium vulgare L. has been shown. It has been established that it belongs to the bicyclic diterpenoids with the cis (5β, 10β) linkage of the A/B rings.


Thionyl Chloride Specific Rotation Allyl Alcohol Potassium Permanganate Anhydrous Pyridine 


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  • D. P. Popa
  • G. S. Pasechnik

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