Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 11, Issue 6, pp 731–734 | Cite as

The dependence of the fatty-acid composition of cottonseed oil on the degree of unsaturation

  • L. S. Golodova
  • B. A. Bryushinin


1. Results of thiocyanometric and spectrophotometric analysis of cottonseed oil confirm the relationship found previously in catalytic hydrogenation using potentiometric monitoring of the state of the catalyst.

2. Together with Eqs. (3) and (4), these results counterbalance the results of the chromatographic analysis of cottonseed oil.

3. This contradiction leads to the posing of the question of the probable inaccuracy of individual methods of chromatographic analysis for substances with similar absorption properties, i.e., for linoleic and oleic acids.


Linoleic Acid Oleic Acid Chromatographic Analysis Catalytic Hydrogenation Iodine Number 


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  • L. S. Golodova
  • B. A. Bryushinin

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