Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 7, Issue 5, pp 633–637 | Cite as

Synthesis of {[1-14C]hydantoic acid, 5-valine}angiotensin (II) and a copolymer of polysuccinyllysine C with [1-glycine, 5-valine]angiotensin (II)

  • P. Ya. Romanovskii
  • V. É. Muizhnieks
  • G. I. Chipens


1. The direct carbamoylation of [1-glycine]angiotensin has given a highly active analog of the natural hormone[1-hydantoic acid]angiotensin.

2. The synthesis of [1-hydantoic acid]angiotensin labeled with the14C isotope in position 1 has been effected by the proposed method.

3. A copolymer of polysuccinyllysine and [1-glycine]angiotensin has been synthesized.


Angiotensin Succinic Anhydride Cyanic Acid Acetate Form Paper Electrophoresis 


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  • P. Ya. Romanovskii
  • V. É. Muizhnieks
  • G. I. Chipens

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