Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 16, Issue 4, pp 348–356 | Cite as

Modification of natural coumarins reaction of khellactone esters with amines

  • Yu. E. Sklyar
  • N. V. Rodionova


The reaction of diesters of khellactone with primary and secondary amines under mild conditions has given derivatives of 4′-aminodihydroseselin. Under more severe conditions, not only the replacement of a 4′-acyloxy group by an amino group but also the opening of the lactone ring with the formation of the corresponding cinnamamide takes place. The ease of hydrolysis of the 3′-acyloxy group and subsequent esterification of the alcohols formed and also the use of various amines makes it possible to obtain very diverse acyloxy and amino derivatives.


Diester Colorless Crystal Lactone Ring Acacetin Piperidino 


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  • Yu. E. Sklyar
  • N. V. Rodionova

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