Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp 507–509 | Cite as

The hydrolysis of the saponins ofAralia manchurica

  • Il'ma Desta
  • É. T. Oganesyan
  • V. D. Ponomarev


1. To perform the hydrolysis of the technical preparation “Saparal” the optimum conditions are 30-min heating in a 1:1 mixture of acetic acid and 20% sulfuric acid or a 1:1 mixture of acetic acid and 30% sulfuric acid.

2. It has been established that the hydrolysis of Saparal is a first-order reaction with Kh = 0.1855.


Saponin Oleanolic Acid Sanguinarine Protopine Benzophenanthridine 


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  • Il'ma Desta
  • É. T. Oganesyan
  • V. D. Ponomarev

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