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The nature of yielding and plastic deformation in rubber-modified polystyrene



Obliquely grooved sheet samples of high-impact polystyrene were used to establish conditions that lead to the early stage of plastic deformation under combined-stress loading conditions. By applying the plasticity theory and the method proposed by Hill to the thermoplastic, it was demonstrated that the basis for relating incremental strain rate with the corresponding deviatoric stress could be established. Yielding under the combined-stress loading condition was also shown to be strongly dependent on the sign of stress. Some insight into the asymmetric yielding behaviour was gained by determining the density and orientation dependence of crazes around the rubber-modified particles. It was shown that the process of craze initiation depended on the prevailing stress state and did not follow the stress or strain criterion. Based on the testing method used, a simple procedure of predicting sheet drawability is outlined.


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