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Congenital hydronephrosis in the lower segment of a duplex system

  • Rafael V. Pieretti
  • Rafael V. Pieretti-Vanmarcke
Case Report


Two cases of hydronephrosis of the lower moiety in duplicated collecting systems, one associated with a complete duplication and another with an incomplete duplex system, are reported. This is a rare anomaly that requires a precise preoperative anatomic diagnosis to allow the planning of the most suitable surgical procedure. Treatment of this entity should follow similar guidelines as single-system hydronephrosis. An end-to-side dismembered pyeloureterostomy is the optimal operative technique.

Key words

Congenital hydrnoephrosis Pyeloureteral duplication 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Rafael V. Pieretti
    • 1
  • Rafael V. Pieretti-Vanmarcke
  1. 1.AEROCAV 1087MiamiUSA

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