Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 15, Issue 5, pp 533–536 | Cite as

Nonglyceride complex of the seed oil ofOnopordum acanthium

  • N. T. Ul'chenko
  • É. I. Gigienova
  • U. A. Abdullaev
  • A. U. Umarov


Extraction of the comminuted seeds has yielded an oil from which have been isolated: C33-C25, C18 and C17 paraffinic hydrocarbons, C18:1, C18:2, C18:3, C17:1, C17:2 and C17:3 olefinic hydrocarbons, ethyl esters of C32:0, C31:0, C30:0, C29:0, and C28:0 fatty acids, sterols with molecular weights of 414, 412, and 400, and the alcohols α-amyrin and lupeol with their natural acetates. Extraction of the uncomminuted seeds has shown that the paraffinic hydrocarbons, ethyl esters, and alcohol acetates pass into the oil from the husks of the seeds. This is the first time that the C31:0 and C29:0 fatty acids have been detected as natural compounds, and it is the first time that the ethyl esters of C34, C33, C32, C31, and C30 fatty acids have been isolated from seed oils of higher plants.


Gossypol Ethyl Ester Lupeol Paraffinic Hydrocarbon Ethylenic Bond 


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  • N. T. Ul'chenko
  • É. I. Gigienova
  • U. A. Abdullaev
  • A. U. Umarov

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