Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 8, Issue 2, pp 201–206 | Cite as

A comparative study of the IR spectra of alkaloids containing piperidine and quinolizidine rings in the 2500–2830 cm−1 region

  • T. K. Yunusov
  • A. P. Matveeva
  • V. B. Leont'ev
  • F. G. Kamaev
  • Kh. A. Aslanov
  • A. S. Sadykov


1. A comparative method of studying the conformational states of alkaloids of the piperidine and quinolizidine series by comparing the intensities of the IR bands in the 2500–2830 cm−1 region in the solid and liquid states has been proposed.

2. It has been shown that the process of inversion and other labile conformational transformations affect the number, frequency, and intensity of the vibrational transitions in the “Bohlmann region.”


Cytisine Matrine Anabasine Quinolizidine Unshared Pair 


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© Consultants Bureau 1974

Authors and Affiliations

  • T. K. Yunusov
  • A. P. Matveeva
  • V. B. Leont'ev
  • F. G. Kamaev
  • Kh. A. Aslanov
  • A. S. Sadykov

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