Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 410–412 | Cite as

The use of the silylation reaction in the synthesis of peptides from L-lysine

  • E. P. Krysin
  • V. N. Karel'skii
  • A. A. Antonov
  • É. D. Glinka


1. A number of peptides have been obtained from L-lysine by the application of the silylation method.

2. The peptides obtained can be used as intermediates in the synthesis of biologically active substances.


Dipeptide Lysine Residue Thyroglobulin DMFA Calcium Hydride 


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  • E. P. Krysin
  • V. N. Karel'skii
  • A. A. Antonov
  • É. D. Glinka

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