Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 381–385 | Cite as

Transformation products of sclareol IV. Stereochemistry and mass-spectrometric fragmentation of some bicyclohomofarnesane oxides

  • P. F. Vlad
  • Kh. Sh. Khariton
  • M. N. Koltsa


The stereochemistries of three oxides of the bicyclohomofarnesane series have been established by spectral and chemical methods.


Chiral Center Chromium Trioxide Dehydration Product Oxide Oxygen Sclareol 


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© Plenum Publishing Corporation 1979

Authors and Affiliations

  • P. F. Vlad
  • Kh. Sh. Khariton
  • M. N. Koltsa

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