Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 12, Issue 5, pp 571–574 | Cite as

Immobilization of the enzyme L-asparaginase from E. coli on polysaccharides I. Covalent binding with insoluble Sepharoses and CM-cellulose

  • A. S. Karsakevich
  • R. A. Zhagat
  • V. Yu. Son


Immobilized L-asparaginase has been synthesized by various methods of covalent binding to insoluble Sepharoses and CM-cellulose.

Some kinetic properties of the preparations obtained, the dependence of the activity on the pH of the medium, and their stability have been investigated.

It has been established that the immobilized L-asparaginase possesses increased heat resistance, stability on storage, and stability to competing inhibitors.


Covalent Binding Succinimide Cyanogen Bromide Reductive Cleavage Immobilize Preparation 


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  • A. S. Karsakevich
  • R. A. Zhagat
  • V. Yu. Son

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