Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 12, Issue 5, pp 525–528 | Cite as

Tautomerism of the α-hydroxydienic acids of the seed oil of Artemisia absinthium

  • N. T. Ul'chenko
  • É. I. Gigienova
  • A. U. Umarov


On investigating the α-hydroxydienic acids of the oil of the seeds ofArtemisia absinthium, we observed tautomeric transformations of the free α-hydroxydienic systems. It has been shown that the tautomerism of these systems is the result not only of a dynamic but also of a static conjugation effect. 11-Hydroxyoctadecatrans,trans-9,12-dienoic acid, which is formed by the geometric and position isomerization of α-hydroxyoctadecadienoic acids with the trans,cis conjugation of the ethylenic bonds and is relatively stable in the presence of a static conjugation effect has been detected.


Methyl Ester Azelaic Acid Conjugation Effect Ethylenic Bond Enoic Acid 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • N. T. Ul'chenko
  • É. I. Gigienova
  • A. U. Umarov

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