Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp 26–27 | Cite as

Alkali-soluble polysaccharides of the stems ofSilphium perfoliatum

  • M. S. Dudkin
  • N. G. Shkantova
  • M. A. Parfent'eva


The results are given of an investigation of a polysaccharide complex of the stems of the cup rosinweed isolated by alkaline extraction of the stems. The complex contains 71% of polysaccharide, 2% of ash substances, and 20% of “crude” protein. The carbohydrate moiety consists of a glucuronoxylan. The complex is not separated into its carbohydrate and protein constituents under the conditions of gel filtration and electrophoresis but the maxima of the elution curves of the components of the complex in gel filtration do not coincide, which indicates the absence of a strong bond between the protein and the carbohydrate.


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  • M. S. Dudkin
  • N. G. Shkantova
  • M. A. Parfent'eva

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