Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 8, Issue 6, pp 694–698 | Cite as

A study of the oils of the family Umbelliferae

  • G. A. Stepanenko
  • A. U. Umarov
  • A. L. Markman


1. The oils of four representatives of the family Umbelliferae have been investigated. Their physical and chemical indices have been characterized, and their fatty-acid and glyceride compositions have been determined. In all the oils the acid present in largest amount is petroselinic acid (30–45%), which may be considered as a chemicophysiological-classification characteristic of plants of the family Umbelliferae.

2. Unusual acids — octadec-7-enoic (2.8–6.9%) and octadec-8-enoic (2.7–3.1%) — have been found in the oils ofAthamanta macrophylla,Archangelica tschimganica, andBunium hissaricum. Octadec-8-enoic acid had never previously been found in natural oils.


Dicarboxylic Acid Monocarboxylic Acid Octadecenoic Acid Methyl Acetate Methyl Propionate 


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  • G. A. Stepanenko
  • A. U. Umarov
  • A. L. Markman

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