Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 9, Issue 5, pp 621–624 | Cite as

Experimental results relating to the metabolism of the cardiac glycosides

  • M. A. Angarskaya
  • L. Ya. Topchii


1. The metabolism of nine cardenolides — convallatoxin, convallatoxol, erychroside, erychrosol, securiside, securisidol, gofruside, frugoside, and erysimin — has been studied at the stage of passage through the liver and in the pathways of excretion by the kidneys.

2. It has been found that the aldehyde at the C19 group of the cardiac glycosides studied is reduced to an alcohol group.

3. Erysimin differs in its metabolism from the other glycosides studied by the fact that in addition to the production of a form reduced at C19 it undergoes hydrolytic cleavage with the production of the genin. A third metabolite has not been identified and has provisionally been called metabolite M.


Glycoside Zinc Acetate Methyl Ethyl Cardiac Glycoside Cardenolides 


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  • M. A. Angarskaya
  • L. Ya. Topchii

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