Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp 331–335 | Cite as

Structure of annuanone

  • D. P. Popa
  • T. M. Orgiyan
  • Kh. Sh. Kharitov


The structure and stereochemistry of a new diterpenoid annuanone, isolated from the plantStachys annua L. has been shown. It has been established that it belongs to the group of compounds with a rearranged labdane carbon skeleton and with the cis (5α, 10α) linkage of rings A/B.


Caustic Soda Deuterium Oxide Diterpenoid Chromium Trioxide Borontrifluoride Etherate 

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  • D. P. Popa
  • T. M. Orgiyan
  • Kh. Sh. Kharitov

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