Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 10, Issue 4, pp 454–457 | Cite as

Structure of stachysic acid — A new diterpenoid of the kaurane series

  • D. P. Popa
  • G. S. Pasechnik


In addition to 6-hydroxy- and 6,18-dihydroxy-(—)-kaurenes, fromStachys silvatica L. (family Labiatae) we have isolated a new diterpenoid of the kaurane series which we have called stachysic acid and for it we have established the structure of 6β-acetoxy-(—)-kaur-16-en-18β-oic acid.


Petroleum Ether Diterpenoid Neutral Fraction Raney Nickel Vinyl Proton 


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  • D. P. Popa
  • G. S. Pasechnik

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