Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 290–291 | Cite as

Quantitative determination of triterpenoids in plants of the genus Thymus

  • A. V. Simonyan
  • A. L. Shinkarenko
  • É. T. Oganesyan


1. On the basis of a study of the UV absorption spectra of pentacyclic triterpenoids in conc. sulfuric acid, a method has been developed for the quantitative determination of triterpenoids in the foliage of wild-growing species ofThymus and cultivated thyme.

2. The method is distinguished from existing ones by its rapidity and low consumption of reagents.


Sulfuric Acid Chloroform Extract Ursolic Acid Chlorosulfonic Acid Pentacyclic Triterpenoids 

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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. V. Simonyan
  • A. L. Shinkarenko
  • É. T. Oganesyan

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