Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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The structure of grilactone

  • N. P. Kir'yalov
  • T. V. Bukreeva
  • V. A. Gindin


The structure of grilactone has been established. It corresponds to guai-1(2),13-dien-12,8-olide.

The permanganate oxidation of grilactone, isogrilactone, and dihydrogrilactone forms, together with the normal oxidation products, monooxides of the guaianolides containing a γ-oxide ring linking carbon atoms 1 and 7.


Lactone Hydroxy Derivative Monohydroxy Chromium Trioxide Permanganate Oxidation 


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  • N. P. Kir'yalov
  • T. V. Bukreeva
  • V. A. Gindin

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